Specialist Funding - Leasehold Finance

With Leasehold Finance if you are looking to buy a Fast Food outlet, a Dry Cleaners, Post Office, News Agents, Off License, Petrol Station or convenience Store Sterling Capital Reserve can arrange unique funding packages with loans of 50% if a loan of 75% - 100% is needed then additional security will be required.

Leasehold Finance

Looking to purchase an existing Leasehold business and cannot secure the funding then contact Sterling Capital Reserve Limited, a long established “professional” Commercial Finance Brokerage.

We are now one of the largest and most respected Brokerages in the Midlands raising funds for clients throughout the UK.

Leasehold Finance for Fast Food Outlet

The Takeaway / Fast Food Outlets cover a vast array of businesses selling food, Indian, Chinese food, Fish and Chips, Pizza, Italian etc and no matter what the financial climate these outlets seem to do well.

This market is made up of a mix of independent businesses and branded chains, operating from Leasehold premises with A5 Planning consent. Opening hours are long and home delivery can be a key selling point.

Leasehold Finance for Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaners is a competitive industry with in excess of 4200 businesses in the UK listed as providing a Dry Cleaning Service.

Businesses operate either from Retail Outlets or from Industrial Units and are a mixture of independent businesses and Franchises, some have concessions in supermarkets and other large retailers.

Leasehold Finance for Post Office

Post Offices are usually combined General Store/Off Licence and/or Newsagent. If buying a Post Office you will need to be appointed as the sub postmaster, which will involve a formal application and training through Post Office Counters Limited.

Location is key and a business needs to be at the heart of a community to provide the above services to make the business a success.

Leasehold Finance for Off Licenses

Leasehold businesses in this sector are common, these outlets sell bottled, canned alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, sweets, snacks and tobacco products, some also sell groceries and provisions for those last minute requirements. This market is a mixture of independent retailers and chains. To run such a business, applicants for finance must have some past experience in retail management.

Leasehold Finance for Convenience Stores

Often the 'Corner Shop' in residential areas selling daily provisions, from bread and groceries to alcohol and tobacco products. Such a business in a tourist area may also offer gifts and souvenirs. There is off course fierce competition with main supermarkets. To counter the above many independent convenience stores have joined symbol groups such as Londis, Nisa, Mace and Spar.  These can be either franchise or fascia-based and offer the benefits of improved store layout, shop refits, training and marketing support.

Leasehold Funding for Newsagents

These are usually independent business outlets, many operating from leasehold premises. selling newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, sweets and soft drinks. Added to this are greetings cards and stationary plus the sale of National Lottery tickets. There is competition again from supermarkets who offer newsagents products, so newsagents have brought in other products and services to maintain profit margins.

Leasehold Funding for Petrol Station

These are popular retail leasehold outlet businesses. Petrol Retailers have for some years now have had to supplement petrol sales with a convenience store offering.  Margins on petrol sales alone are very thin. Therefore the sale of alcohol, soft drinks and confectionery etc are vital to increase margins.

Takeaway Funding

Looking to purchase an existing Leasehold hot or cold food outlet and cannot secure the funding, then speak to our experts at Sterling Capital Reserve Limited. SCR are a “professional” Commercial Finance Brokerage that has been established for over 10 years and we are one of the largest and most respected Brokerages in the Midlands.

We specialise in raising funding for Cafes, Fish and Chip Shops, Restaurants, Pizza Parlours, Indian and Chinese Takeaways, Coffee and Sandwich shops in fact any type of hot or cold food business outlet.

Sterling Capital Reserve are able to source the right funding for your food business whether it be an independent or franchised chain.

For purchasing existing food outlets, we can secure loans from £50,000 and above for up to 50% of the purchase price. The term of the loan is limited to the unexpired period of the lease or 60 months which ever is the lower. Previous experience is preferable.

If a loan of 75% - 100% is needed then additional security will be required. This would take the form of a first charge over a freehold property depending on the value. Maximum Term of these loans is 120 months.

Contact Sterling Capital Reserve regarding you Commercial Finance requirements