Business Finance Glossary - R


After a company , the appointment of a licensed insolvency practitioner to realise the value of the assets to repay outstanding debts.Receivership
The appointment of a licensed insolvency practitioner to take over the running of a company that has defaulted on its debts. The receiver is appointed by a creditor with a secured debt to recover the debt either by selling the security or by running the business until the debt is paid off.

Registered Office

The official address of the company as stated on the Companies House register.


Laws and rules derived from legislation or treaties.


To take possession again of a property or goods after non-payment of money owed.

Retained profits

Retained profit is what remains when the business has paid the shareholders their dividend.

Risk assessment

A risk assessment is an examination of what in your work could cause harm to people or the environment. This will enable you to decide what precautions you should take to prevent that harm from occurring.

Risk Capital

The shareholders' funds in a business, which are always the last to be paid out in liquidation and which are therefore at the highest risk.

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