Business Finance Glossary - P

Parent company

This is where one company owns more than 50 per cent of the voting rights of another company which in turn becomes its subsidiary. It can also occur where the parent has less than 50 per cent but controls the board of directors of the subsidiary company having the power to appoint and remove directors without referring to other shareholders.


A partnership is an agreement between two or more people to take joint responsibility for running a business. They share both the profits and the risks. Business carried out by two or more people where each is jointly liable for the debts of the business.


Public limited company.

Primary research

Gathering information from first hand sources such as interviews and questionnaires.

Private companies

Private companies have "Ltd" after the company name. They cannot offer to sell shares to the public and so cannot be listed on the stock exchange. Have no minimum or maximum capital but can be limited by shares or guarantee.


Profit is the difference between money earned from sales and the costs of making the product.

Profit and loss account

Profit and loss account (P+L) shows all the revenue or turnover and all the expenditure which eventually leads either a profit or a loss. A statement of income received during a given period and the costs incurred to generate that income. It includes sales, costs, overheads, interest charges, and a provision for tax and dividends.


A commercial property defines a property used for commercial use, not residential i.e. your home.

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Property Development

Property Development defines a property that is being or going to be developed. This covers refurbishments, conversions, extension, modernisation, change of use etc.

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Pub Funding

Pub funding is a specialist area of funding arranged by Sterling Capital Reserve Ltd, a well established and well respected Commercial Finance Brokerage. Our specialist Commercial Finance Brokers have extensive experience in arranging loans, mortgages, bridging loans in respect of all manner of licensed premises.
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