Business Finance Glossary - D

Day Nursery Funding

Day Nursery funding is a specialist area of funding arranged by Sterling Capital Reserve Ltd, a well established and well respected Commercial Finance Brokerage. So whether you are looking for finance for a Day Nursery acquisition or a Day Nursery refinance, we can help.
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A payment.


Refers to the Client's customer; by way of transferring receivables and giving the relevant notice, he is obliged to pay receivables sold in favour of the Factor.


Allows fixed assets - or capital equipment such as cars or computer equipment - to be written off over several years. A piece of machinery bought for £330,000 in 2000 and depreciated, or written off over three years has no value in the accounts after 2003, but has appeared as a £110,000 cost in each of the years in between. This does not reflect the actual value of the assets.


The difference between levels of pay within and between occupations. More skills, training or responsibility often lead to higher pay.


Legal executives of a company. They take management decisions in board meetings. Directors are personally responsible for delivering accounts and the annual return on time. They also ensure that the registered office address is current and attended.


Dividends are the share of annual profits paid to shareholders. A payment to shareholders as a return on their investment in the form of cash, stock, or property.

Due Diligence

The detailed investigations that an investor will make before buying a share in your business. It is used to ensure that there are no hidden details that could affect the deal.


There are two main types of duty collected by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC): one is import duty, which is duty charged on goods imported into the European Union (EU) and the other is excise duty, which is UK tax on certain types of goods, such as alcohol or tobacco.

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