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Sterling set up specialised Healthcare Finance Brokerage Division - Recognising the demand for healthcare  finance, Sterling Capital reserve have appointed Steve Divall to head up a health care brokerage division.

Steve, with 25 years banking experience in the healthcare department of a major bank,  offers brokerage services for doctors, dentists, opticians and the care home sector.

Healthcare professionals operate in a specialist sector, and funders tailor their product offerings to reflect the sector.  At Sterling we have lines with many niche funders in the healthcare sector, as well as the major banks and private lending consortiums.

To date we have arranged finance for new GP surgery developments, medical centres, dental practices and care homes.  These are both refinance and new finance for acquisitions.

Further details of the services offered can be seen at

You are in a specialist sector, you need to use a specialist broker that is fully conversant with sector specific nuances, such as notional rents.

We are able to present a professionally prepared presentation, and direct it to the most appropriate individual with the lending organisation.

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